Design Adventure in Nepal

Design Adventure in Nepal

Jun 16, 2024Felix Doll


It’s just before 6 a.m. and a new day is beginning in my room at an artist's house in the south of Kathmandu, in Patan. Nepal is 3 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Switzerland. Generally, Nepalis wake up before 6 a.m. and use the morning time for leisure activities and communal tasks. What people in the Western world do after work, Nepalis do in the morning. As an early riser, I also love this quiet and contemplative time. The morning is pleasantly cool before the temperatures become stiflingly hot throughout the day.

It’s Sunday, which means a new six-day work week begins here in Nepal. Yes, people work from Sunday to Friday, and Saturday is the only day off, making it their weekend. This is the start of my third week in the sampling phase for my next jewelry collection. My craftsmen are diligent people, and every year I am amazed anew at how fortunate I am to work with such wonderful people.


Shortly before 9 a.m., I will walk through the narrow alleys of Patan to my workshop. On my way, past many small and large temples, I’ve lost count of the prayer sites on almost every corner. The alleys and streets are then bustling with cars, motorcycles, and many people making their way in an organic and peaceful manner. There are occasional honks, which signal that someone is coming from behind and you should stay in your lane. The country and the people exude a deep calmness, which is very soothing.

After about 15 minutes, I arrive at my goldsmith workshop, beautifully located in a backyard surrounded by many plants and flowers. At this time, some artisans are already at work, while others may join later. The artisans work like freelancers and can freely decide when and how much they want to work. About 25 people work there, from administration to craftsmen, quality control, and packaging.

In the last two weeks, I have had many samples made to determine which designs I want to include in my ninth collection. At the beginning of May, I suddenly had intense ideas for a new collection. Around the days and the weekend of May 1st, I voluntarily locked myself in my studio and experienced a creative explosion over five 20-hour days, bringing the ideas to paper. Now I am working on organizing these jewelry ideas so that they make sense to me and later perhaps to others, and that the pieces reflect my clear, minimalist FELIX DOLL style.

I am already in love with the pieces, but it will probably take until October before I can present them to you.

Next week I will be back in Zurich and immediately at two events. Visit me on Friday or Saturday, June 28-29, at my studio in the heart of District 4. There I am organizing the SUMMER SALON with two friendly labels, and besides me, 18 other labels with great designs will be present.

I wish you a wonderful day and send my warmest regards from Nepal,


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