Felix Doll reinterprets the concept of luxury in an utterly new way. With his distinctive minimalist art, the designer creates unique artifacts in gold, silver and brass. All pieces are editions of one and genuinely hand-crafted. In purchasing a piece of jewellery by Felix Doll, discerning lovers of fashion goods enjoy the sensuous experience evoked by the corporeality of the materials and uncompromising minimalism of the design language. Felix Doll works exclusively with clear lines and focuses his designs on elementary geometrical forms that open up creative space for personal associations and interpretations. One reason why his jewellery is worn by both men and women.

Felix Doll sets new production benchmarks: the designer personally supervises the entire production process. He aspires not only to produce unique sustainable pieces at all stages in the chain, but also from the original idea to the finished article, to clearly set his objects of art apart from the mass produced goods of the fashion industry.

Felix Doll is a designer of universal talent and proven expert in the artisan and fundamental methods of producing fabrics and accessories. His inspirational label reflects Berlin style, Swiss perfection and the devotion of Himalayan artists.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is considered by Felix Doll as the creative focal point of high quality artisanry and source of spectacular colours and original fabrics, styles and textures. He lived and worked in Kathmandu in 2013 and 2014, gaining in-depth insights both into traditional skills and production conditions in local jewellery cottage industries and clothing factories. Felix Doll holds the local people in great affection and working together with these highly qualified artists and craftspeople of his personal acquaintance in suitable workshops, he hopes to extend the reputation of his own label, while always focusing on the principles of fair trade.

All plating is now done in Pforzheim, Germany, the leading jewelry manufacturing destination in Europe.